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Testimonial of Douglas Samuels

65 y.o. – Sutter Creek, California

It was Christmas Eve 2009- 5AM. I awoke because the angina pain in my arms made it impossible to lie in bed. I sat on the edge of the bed with my elbows resting on my thighs and attempted to go into a meditative trance to calm down my heart and relieve my angina. I was dizzy and had a slight headache caused by my high blood pressure- which at best was 165 over 95- so in these ‘spells- I was uncertain just how high it had gotten. After meditating on the side of the bed for 10 minutes, I began to feel a little better and I began walking around the room- very slowly. My arms still hurt- but just sitting didn’t seem to help that much either.

This condition was new to me- I had been quite physically active just 6 months before- then gradually I kept getting more and more ‘short of breath’ whenever I did anything slightly strenuous. Then the pain in my arms started- and the dizziness- and the inability to thoroughly concentrate- the need to sleep long hours, etc. I had a business to run- I needed to ‘get over this’.

That Christmas Eve I finally decided to discuss with my wife just how serious I felt my angina/cardiac condition was. Being a woman and wife, she already knew and was very scared and concerned. Her brother-in-law had just entered a Naturopathic clinic in Nevada- he had already suffered several heart attacks and operations. He and his wife (my wife’s sister) had decided to try- as a last resort attempt to prolong his life and health- alternative medical treatments. My wife had me agree to talk to them on Christmas day.

I learned that Rex was undergoing EECP (Enhanced External Counter pulsation) and Chelation. Both processes required major time in a treatment facility. I was not opposed to either procedures- they made sense- but my business schedule required me to do major travelling in early January. How could I possibly go into such treatments and still conduct my business?

So, the day after Christmas I began a search for alternative treatments. I discovered two methods made sense: a nitric oxide promoting powder/drink (improved arterial muscle movement etc.) and an oral chelating solution. I immediately ordered both. I and my wife were afraid that I might need to be hospitalized before the product even arrived. A friend brought to my attention that I may be getting ‘ripped-off’ he had found on the net competing oral chelating formulas for ½ the price of the one I had ordered and that there were testimonials about side effects- primarily upset stomach and diarrhea- as well as lack of effectiveness. I went back in my search examining the competing products- and I discovered Dr. Pinch’s AngioPrim.CA being offered by Seacoast Vitamins. I called for more information- the representative called back immediately. After a brief conversation, the rep suggested that I call Dr. Pinch directly- which I did. I was assured that this formulation was improved and did not have the side effects of earlier products (Dr. Pinch had actually been involved with their development). Also, Dr. Pinch stated that the ‘delivery’ system of the improved formulation enabled the product to be far more effective.

I immediately ordered AngioPrim.CA from both companies- since Seacoast-the more local source- would be to me sooner.

It was difficult waiting for delivery- I kept fearing that I wouldn’t make it (without standard medical treatment) until AngioPrim.CA arrived. Wednesday morning I again awoke in pain. I did my usual routine to still the pain. I was planning on running some errands and driving my wife to work later that morning. About 10AM I went out to warm-up the car- I felt weak and dizzy- I started the car and then climbed into the passenger seat- I would let my wife drive while I was recovering. I sat in the car for 10 minutes just recovering from walking out to the car! Finally my wife came out, realizing that I was already outside and in the car.

That afternoon (the day before New Year’s Eve) it came! I immediately called Dr. Pinch to review dosage recommendations. Within 2 hours I felt much better- not dizzy- no angina pain- and more energetic. I drove back to pick-up my wife- she could see the difference in me. That night when I went to bed I didn’t have any angina pain (Previously when I lay down in bed my arms would start aching- I would then sit-up for a couple of hours before I could go to sleep. Then I would toss and turn all night trying to get into a less painful position for my arms.) The next morning- New Year’s Eve- I woke up refreshed for the first time in several weeks.

That day I did all kinds of chores that I had been putting –off. That night we went up the mountain to a cowboy type bar/restaurant to meet friends. We socialized and I even slow danced that night. It

was hard to believe that only 36 hours ago I had been in such pain and agony. AngioPrim.CA gave me a new outlook on 2010. Now, I felt I could accomplish what I needed and do so without pain, anxiety, or worry.

-Thank you

Testimonial of Teri

Hi, my name is Teri and in the spring of 2010 after having been off on a medical leave was feeling very fatigued and overweight as a result of several medications I was taking. However, I noticed my neighbors, looked quite amazing. I asked them what they were doing and how they loss so much weight and looked so healthy. This is when I found Dr. Randolph Pinch and his wonderful wife Karen. I went on their website, AngioprimPLUS.com and was able to obtain their phone number.

I called and within 10 minutes, Karen called me back and that was my start to an amazing weight loss regime and my road back to being healthy. I can honestly say this program for weight loss works!! I lost 30 lbs in 3 months. I went from a size 12 back to a size 4!! It is truly amazing how this program gets rid of fat. I was able to wean off all my medications which in fact helped me feel 100% better. Now instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs I have replaced them with the herbs created by Dr. Pinch. I am so grateful for finding these two special people and without their constant support both emotionally and physically I would not be in my healthy happy place again.

-Thank you Dr. Randy and Karen!

Testimonial of Gina B.

39 y.o. – South Carolina

I am a 39 year old mother of two. I have suffered from chronic illness for years which has greatly impaired my ability to function at the appropriate level to care well for the needs of my family. For years I have suffered from debilitating migraines, joint pain, severe chronic fatigue, and of lately frequent chest pains, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. Also I have some chronic viral issues. The last few years of my life have been like having the flu over and over and over…

Because I heard of the success others have had with chelation products, I decided to try them. I chose to try Cardio Care first, thinking that it would not alter any of my symptoms, but perhaps it would clear the pathway of my cardiovascular system so that when I used Viral-Gonn, it would work more efficiently.

To my surprise, the most debilitating of my symptoms vanished! The first thing I noticed was that I could breathe easily. I don’t think I had realized just how bad my breathing had become over time, but I now enjoy immensely the simple act of taking a deep breath. The sharp needle pain in my knees is gone. (Knee replacements are a common occurrence in my family.) My chest pains have eased. The tightness is gone. Even my shoulders move around more freely. And an unexpected blessing which was worth the cost of Cardio Care alone – I have not had one migraine since! I have even blasted loud hard music in my car to test whether or not a headache would occur as it usual does. Nothing! I am functioning like a normal human every day now. Even my memory has greatly improved. Recently, I ran into an old friend whose name I could previously not recall, which caused us both embarrassment and made us both feel bad. Now she is amazed at the details I am remembering.

Cardio Care has improved my quality of life in so many ways. I can be the mom I have wanted to be, but couldn’t. I can not wait to try Viral-Gonn next!

-Thank you!

Testimonial of Customer

In early 2008 I started to experience aching in all my joints and especially in my shins and the top of my right foot. I am a server and would just have to live through the pain after a busy shift at work. Each morning I would wake up with “mystery” pain. I would never know what would ache on which day. During this time my Doctor prescribed me, Celebrex, Percocet and an anti-depressant because I was just not myself with all the pain I was experiencing. I went to see a foot specialist, and then was referred to a rheumatologist after a strain of lupus was found in my blood.

At this point I was seriously scared what the rest of my life might be like, I was afraid that I was going to die. The pain was so intense, I became miserable and almost unbearable to live with, I could not take part in anything physical that my family would like to do.

Then in March of 2010 I was talking to a few friends who encouraged me to see Randy Pinch. They told me that he would put me on a diet but that both of them had experienced great results in the program that he had prescribed for them. One of those friends took me to see Randy and his wife Karen while they were in Fort Erie. I told him I was totally desperate and that I was skeptical but was willing to do whatever he told me to do if it meant that I might become well.

Over the next six months I was able to lose 52 pounds; I went off of all of the medicine and am totally well from all pain!!!! I have begun to be active again with my family, hiking the Niagara gorge, skating and just recently started to train to do a 5 km run in December, my new logo is “I run because I can!” I just went to see the rheumatologist again last week and he said that I do not need to go back to him again as I am no longer in need of his services because I am better. I feel like my life has been given back to me! People comment on the weight I have lost but that is just a great by-product of the program, the real bonus is that I AM HEALTHY!


-I am indebted to Randy and Karen for being so caring and helping me to get well.

Testimonial of Roger M.


I feel great! My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal for the first time in years, and I eat what I want too. I had a dental cleaning and it didn’t hurt, the plaque just fell off.

What is strange is my gray hair seems to be turning back to its natural color. Thanks Dr. Randy!

Testimonial of Ashlee S.


I just want to write in and say thank you for this product. I started using the Viral-Gonn for a personal health reason, and I did not fully understand the capabilities of this

product. Then all my friends came down with the flu, including my roommate, and I felt real sick too for two days, then I got better. Everyone else stayed sick for over two weeks! I mean bad sick, one girl got walking pneumonia, and some kids were puking. I didn’t miss a day of class, and I ALWAYS catch the flu, and am usually sick for weeks!

Thanks so much! This is one investment that really is worth it! Oh, and my other health problem cleared up completely! Wow!

Testimonial of L. Love

Fort Erie, Ontario

Hi All:

We’ve all heard, “Life Begins at 50”. Well whoever coined that phrase didn’t suffer from debilitating muscle/joint pain.

Shortly after turning 50, simple movements like getting out of a chair, climbing a few stairs became daunting tasks for me…not to mention sleeping at night. Pain and fatigue consumed my life.

My family doctor and a Rheumatologist diagnosed me with “Arthritis”and prescribed prescription medication. When the pain didn’t improve they kept increasing the dosage and told me to “just deal with it”.

Feeling totally abandoned by the medical profession, I decided to look at alternative remedies. A friend told me how Dr. Randy Pinch, Doctor of Chinese medicine had helped his pain. Four days after my first visit with Dr. Pinch, I began to notice a slight improvement in my muscle/joint pain. Perhaps there was a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Over a period of time, we added several other “all natural” products working on building up my compromised immune system and improving circulation. Years of daily stress, toxins in the air we breathe, the food we consume, along with a family history of Arthritis all contributed to my muscle/joint pain.

Listed below are some of the products I’ve taken and still take: Cardio Chelation

An oral form of Chelation, (which cleaned the plaque, metals and toxins from my blood stream), was very effective in alleviating my muscle/joint pain to the point where I no longer needed to take the pharmaceutical prescription medication. I experienced no side effects. Sure, I still suffer from Arthritis pain but it is very manageable without even taking any over the counter drugs.

Flex All Contains Enzymes from black cherries which helped boost my immune system, invigorated my digestion, improved my circulation, and my Arthritis pain. It also helped renew tissue while restoring lost collagen and cartilage flexibility. Viral Gonn Is a product I’ve taken, (in capsule form), throughout this past winter in lieu of getting the flu shot. I’m happy to say I wasn’t sick all winter….not even a cold thanks to this product. My daughter, a college student under a lot of stress this winter, also took Viral Gonn and found not only did she stay “cold free” …..she noticed an improvement in the “trauma cataract”she has in her one eye. The Viral Gonn seems to be thinning the thick film.

Thanks to Dr. Pinch’s products, I have my life back.

Testimonial of Mary

My father in law died 11 days after his second bypass surgery. The first one was a quadruple bypass, and the second was a triple. He had years of suffering, and a downhill battle. He fought hard. He was a young man when he had his first heart attack. His brother is a well respected doctor who founded a physicians hospital, and saw to it that my father in law had the best cardiologists, and surgeons in the whole country.

Still he died at the age of 55, he had much more living to do. My young children ask me what their grandpa was like because they never got the chance to meet this wonderful man. I tell them what I was told of him, being that I had never met him either.

Thanks to my father in law, my husband saw the painful suffering, and eventual death,and knew that was not the path he wanted to take. When my husband had his heart attack,he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and his doctors wanted to do surgery. We were terrified. We searched for an alternative, we found oral chelation, our lives have changed in such a positive way.

No surgery, chest pains, heart attacks, breathing problems, swelling in the legs,exhaustion, high blood pressure, surgical scars, and the best part my six children have their daddy. So now I dedicate myselfto helping teach others about all their options, and make available the finest most effective products we could fmd after searching the world over.

Testimonial of Sue & Don J.

Cardio Chelation is truly a life saving product! When my husband Don was told by his doctor, 3 yrs. ago, that he’d had a stroke and that his carotid artery was blocked, we were devastated. He was having a lot of dizziness that, despite the doctor’s medication, did not subside. Don quit the medication and started taking the Cardio Chelation product along with lots of Omega 3′s. It wasn’t long before the dizziness eased off and he started to come back to life, literally! Don has continued with the chelation and when I asked him today if the product has helped him, his reply was, “I wouldn’t be climbing a tree and cutting it down, if it didn’t.” Don is 82 years young and climbing trees isn’t the normal practice of someone of that age. We strongly recommend Cardio Chelation to everyone who wants to get back or keep their ability to move freely, think with a clear mind and have a healthy colour to their skin.

Testimonial of Customer

Toronto, Canada

“You have a blockage in your arteries”, was all I heard before my head started spinning with worry. I had been having pains in my chest, arm & heart for so long that I had gotten used to it and thought it was just part of growing old. Every time I mentioned the pain to my doctor he would brush it off with, “It’s just stress, try and take it a little slower”. Easy for him to say, but I had a thriving business, kids, a demanding husband, a house and numberous projects on the go at all times.

Deep inside I knew it was not just stress because the pain would start even at night when I was sound asleep. The sharp pains would wake me from my sleep. How much stress could I have if I was sleeping? When I was advised of the blockage, I was scared but also relieved that finally they found the problem. An angiogram was scheduled and much to my surpise, it came back that everything was fine and no blockage could be found. “How was this possible, I still had the pain. The testing that found the blockage consisted of a dye being injected into my veins for the xray camera to detect any blockage. The results were scrutinized by the xray technician and confirmed that the blockage was there. Still confused and a little releived, I just accepted the findings and got on with my life pain and all.

In addition to my chest pains, I could not lift my right arm very much due to the pain in my right shoulder, my doctors told me it was a build up of calcium and that there was nothing I could do about it. To make matters worse, I started experiencing a numbing on my right leg between my knee and my hip bone. The numbing would come and go several times per hour and lasted about 5 minutes each time. At first my doctor said it was a pinched nerve from my hip, but since this went on for years he then told me it was caused by my diabetes and there was nothing that could be done about it, and it was getting worse. A few weeks after my angiogram, I met Dr. Randolph Pinch through a mutual friend. One thing led to another and somehow I started talking about my pains and my angiogram results.

Much to my surprise Dr Pinch told me that the reason no blockage was found during the angiogram is because any soft plague (which is what he suspected I had) is compressed due to the pressure in the arteries during the procedure so it does not show up on the monitor as a blockage. Oh my God, this made so much sense. He also told me his story of when he collapsed due to a sever blockage in his arteries. Being a Master Herbalist, he decided to take matters into his own hands and started working on a chelation that would desolve the plague.

Long story short, I took Dr Pinch’s chelation two years ago and I have never looked back. My chest, arm and heart pain which I had had for over 10 years is gone, but much to my surprise the calcium build up on my right shoulder was also dissolved and now I can move my arm without any restriction or pain. The icing on the cake, is that the numbing feeling in my right leg has gone away as well.

-Thank you Dr. Pinch you have saved my life!

Testimonial of Customer

My journey began back in April of 2010 when a friend told me about Dr. Randy and his wife Karen. Maria had already lost about 50lbs. on their diet and was looking and feeling great. I made an appointment and met them the following week. The diet sounded a little strange but since I had seen such great results I had already made up my mind that I was going to give it a try.

The plan is very limited but also very simple, there is no weighing or measuring or calorie counting like on most diets which made it simple to follow and very easy to plan meals. My first week I lost 10 lbs. and from there I lost an average of 3 lbs. a week. By Christmas of 2011 (8 months) I had lost over 100 lbs. After a year of being on the diet I have lost over 120lbs. and never felt better.

As I lost weight my blood pressure went down and my self esteem went up. Dr. Randy and Karen provided so much support and encouragement throughout my journey which was key in keeping me on track. The Slim-all was very affordable especially when compared to some diet supplements or needles that can cost thousands! I am so grateful and incredibly thankful that I was introduced to Dr. Randy and Karen, without them I would still be 125 lbs. heavier and not near as healthy and happy as I am today!

– Thank you

Testimonial of Jane

Cam has been fighting something bad and I believe that Viral gonn has saved him…he had some kind of cold/flu thing…he woke up one morning and the lymph node on the one side of his neck was swollen to the size of a grapefruit…he started really pumping Viral gonn (like 10 in the morning and 10 at night) the swelling gradually went away and now he is back to 10 a day and still coughing but with major improvement in the way he feels.

-Thank you Dr. Randy and thank you for Viral Gonn

Testimonial of Marty L.

Hello everyone, my name is Marty L and I’m a patient/client of Dr. Randy Pinch …

This will be simple and to the point …

Does Slim-All 2 work? yes … very much so, the pictures attached will prove it … Like Randy told me before I started … ” Do I believe ” I said yes … I had nothing to lose and everything to gain . Well that’s not really rightly said … I had pounds to lose, and needed to regain some health and self esteem …You see 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis,

but I still worked, then I had to stop work and go on a disability pension … I could hardly move, the weight kept coming on even though I was eating rather healthy, or what I assumed was healthy back then. I soared up to 250 lbs … a very unhealthy and sore 250 lbs … my knees and ankles could hardly support me, my doctors told me to take 3 10 minute walks a day, I could hardly finish 1… Then my cousin Lynne L came to visit, told me about this miracle, was worried sick at seeing me in that state, she to asked if I believed … I said yes … she purchased my 1st products for me, as a birthday gift but also a person with a great heart.

In my 1st week I could feel changes inside of me … I had started to shed , the knees and ankles were less spongy and crunchy … I did what I was told .. I took my Slim-All 3 times a day with cucumbers and meat … I was never hungry, my walks became longer and I even got a dog for company … so yeah..it worked… still does …I now weigh in at 195 lbs … I try not to go over 200lbs … as I do cheat every now and again … but my body knows when it’s time to cleanse ..as do my joints …

I have now moved to Australia, but I still keep ordering my Slim-All … I swear and live by it …Thank you, sincerely Marty L

Testimonial of R. Stolte

Don’t let the small bottles fool you!!

I thought I would write this little note about this particular Doctor in Canada. I discovered him and his wife almost 4 yeas ago seriously looking for some Oral EDTA to help clear up my arteries. In 7-10 days I could walk again with no leg or chest pain. What a relief this has provided for me. Investigating his products a little further, I noticed a product called “Sub Immun-All. This product was described as a sleep aide but it helps to relax the nervous system. I started taking this product, and about 2-3 weeks later I have noticed a reduction in my Psoriasis. As time went on my Psoriasis has gone through a complete remission.

All I Can say to Dr. Randy Pinch and his wife Karen is “Thank You” for a magnificent product to help my Psoriasis and other victims possibly beat their ailment just like I did. Keep up the great work as I will be ordering more product soon.

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